Lanie Bayless
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Lanie Bayless

So, I watch her on TV all the time and think she is so cute. I finally get the time to look her up and there is nothing on the internet about her.

SO, I am making this site for fellow lovers of the cutest redheaded chef out there.

Her 1st Cookbook
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Lanie Bayless

Lanie Bayless, daughter of renowned chef, author and
television personality Rick Bayless, grew up in a
restaurant – quite literally. She has spent much of her
youth in her father’s successful Chicago restaurants
Frontera Grill and Topolobampo. At the impressive age of
14, Lanie has already co-authored a cookbook with her
father, Rick & Lanie’s Excellent Kitchen Adventures (2004),
which collaborates the culinary traditions of Mexico,
France, Thailand and more. The book was written over a
four-year period, during which the duo was immersed in
each culture by dining with and visiting the homes of
friends and family. Their research for the cookbook
allowed them to visit places like Japan, Ireland, Italy and
even Oklahoma. Like many adolescents might respond,
when asked about having a famous chef for a father Lanie
says, “There’s always something to eat and I have learned
a lot about other countries but I have to taste weird food.”
Through Lanie’s experiences she has learned the art of
blending her dad’s professional chef know-how with tips
and teenager attitude that will appeal to aspiring teen chefs everywhere.